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Today’s retailers are constantly challenged by a business environment that requires a positive customer experience at a time when online sales continue to redefine the relationship between buyer and seller. Retailers must deal with these market-related issues in addition to Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, Payment Card Industry compliance and actual internal control integrity.

At FDC Associates, we have found that retailers can greatly reduce their compliance costs by leveraging their annual risk assessment process. Many of the same controls and procedures used to prevent shrinkage can also satisfy your controls over accuracy of revenue recognition for SOX purposes. Likewise, your need for telecommunications security and annual Internet vulnerability testing can be satisfied by correctly defining the scope of your network vulnerability tests.

Information security is critical to retail, as it directly relates to customer and supplier data. The confidentiality of this data can impact your company's reputation and has enormous legal liability if compromised.

Effectively managing sensitive personal data requires a proactive strategy to keep your network protected from both internal and external threats, and this protection must be frequently reviewed in light of more sophisticated and complex attack approaches.

We offer specific, pragmatic solutions to these concerns for small retailers using a server-based infrastructure with Microsoft’s Windows OS and large retailers using mainframes with OS/390 and z/OS with Unix (USS) services.

FDC Associates Service for Retailers, Wholesalers and Distributors:

IT Risk Assessment
Internet Penetration Testing
Network Security and Vulnerability Reviews
Server and Database Security Reviews
Active Directory and Application Security Reviews
PCI data security assessments and audits
Supply chain fraud reviews
Sarbanes-Oxley Technology Reviews
Security policy development

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